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2023-2026 EITI Board

2023-2026 EITI Board elected

EITI Members’ Meeting elects the 2023-2026 EITI Board and agrees to extend the term of the Board Chair

At its meeting on 12/13 June in Dakar, Senegal, the EITI Members’ Meeting elected the 2023-2026 EITI Board and agreed to extend the term of the Board Chair, Rt Hon. Helen Clark, for the same period.

“I am delighted to serve a further term”, said Rt Hon. Helen Clark, EITI Board Chair. "The EITI Board will have a key role to play in setting the strategic priorities for the organisation. I look forward to working with the Board to support the implementation of the updated EITI Standard. The Board’s membership reflects the multi-stakeholder character of the EITI. For such a diverse group to reach consensus on complex items of business requires that it operate on the basis of mutual respect and dialogue. I would also like to thank all outgoing Board members, who have given so generously of their time over the past four years.”

The Members’ Meeting convenes every three years and is one of three institutional bodies belonging to the EITI Association. It consists of approximately 220 members, representing EITI implementing and supporting countries, companies and civil society.

The EITI Board is the EITI's main decision-making body. It takes decisions on priorities for the organisation and evaluates countries' progress in meeting the EITI Standard.

The 2023-2026 EITI Board comprises the following members:


  • Rt Hon. Helen CLARK 

Implementing countries  

  • Mr Mohamed Lemine AHMEDOU, EITI National Coordinator, Mauritania   
  • Mr Samou SIDIBE, EITI Permanent Secretary, Mali  (alternate)
  • Ms Isabel CHUVAMBE, EITI National Coordinator, EITI Secretariat, Mozambique 
  • Ms Francess ALGHALI, Minister of State, Office of the Vice-President, Sierra Leone (alternate)
  • Ms Cielo MAGNO, Undersecretary, Department of Finance, Philippines  
  • Mr Agus Cahyono ADI, EITI National Coordinator, Indonesia  (alternate)
  • Mr Jean-Jacques KAYEMBE, EITI National Coordinator, Democratic Republic of Congo 
  • Mr Florent Michel OKOKO, EITI National Coordinator, Republic of the Congo (alternate)
  • Mr Miguel Angel DÍAZ, Vice-Minister of Mines, Dominican Republic  
  • Mr  Gregory McGUIRE, Chairman of TTEITI Steering Committee, Trinidad & Tobago (alternate)
  • Ms Lusine TOVMASYAN, EITI National Coordinator, Armenia 
  • Mr Genci TERPO, EITI National Coordinator, Albania (alternate)

Supporting countries

  • Ms Christine DETAILLE, Head of Unit Transitional Development and Governance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Belgium  
  • Ms Melissa SÄILÄ, Programme Director, Taxation for Development Action, Unit for Development Finance and Private Sector Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland (alternate)
  • Mr Rinaldo JEANTY, Director General and Chief Inspector of Explosives, Lands and Minerals Sector, Natural Resources, Canada   
  • Mr Carl WATSON, Director, Office of Policy Analysis & Public Diplomacy (ENR/EGA/PAPD), Bureau of Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State, USA  (alternate)
  • Mr Jürg VOLLENWEIDER, Head, Macroeconomic Support Section, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Switzerland 
  • Ms Katja POHLMANN, Head of Division Energy, Hydrogen, Raw Materials, Infrastructure, Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation, Germany (alternate)

Civil Society

  • Mr Aliou Ba COULIBALY, President, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Coalition, Mauritania  
  • Mr Kossi KOUGBLENOU, Executive Director, ACOMB, Togo (alternate)
  • Ms Diana EL KAISSY, Advisory Board Member, Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI), Lebanon
  • Mr Matthieu SALOMON, Interim Governance Programs Director, Senior Governance Officer, NRGI, France (alternate)
  • Ms Vanessa CUETO LA ROSA, Environmental Lawyer, Derecho Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Peru  
  • Ms Yessica PRIETO RAMOS, Civil Society Representative, Colombia (alternate)
  • Ms Mariya LOBACHEVA, Executive Director, Echo - Public Association, Kazakhstan 
  • Ms Olena PAVLENKO, President, DiXi Group, Ukraine (alternate)
  • Mr Clancy MOORE, Chief Executive Officer, Transparency International, Australia  
  • Ms Tamika HALWIINDI, Environmental Governance Officer, Transparency International Zambia (alternate)

Companies & Institutional Investors

  • Ms Kathryn CASSON, Chief Adviser, Civil Society and Outreach, Rio Tinto 
  • Mr Richard MORGAN, Head of Government Relations, Anglo American (alternate)
  • Mr Chinonso EMEHELU, Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, International Government Relations, ExxonMobil 
  • Mr Mike ANDERSON, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs, Kosmos Energy (alternate)
  • Mr James ENSOR, Chief Executive Officer, BHP Billiton Foundation 
  • Mr Nick COTTS, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and External Relations, Newmont Mining (alternate)
  • Ms Nathalie MOGNETTI, Senior Vice President, Tax, TotalEnergies 
  • Mr Roberto NARDI, Head for Consolidated Financial Statements and Reporting, Eni (alternate)
  • Mr James NICHOLSON, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Trafigura Group  
  • Alternative TBC
  • Mr Christopher RICE, Executive Vice President, Tax, Shell International Limited 
  • Ms Ivanka MAMIC, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, bp (alternate)

Board Secretary   

  • Mr Mark Robinson, Executive Director, EITI International Secretariat, Oslo