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Azerbaijan withdraws from the EITI

Azerbaijan withdraws from the EITI

It is with regret that we have received the decision from the Government of Azerbaijan announcing that they are withdrawing from the EITI.

 The EITI Chair, Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister of Sweden, commented:

“We all hope that the government of Azerbaijan will return to the EITI and continue the good work done in achieving transparency.”

In October 2016, the Board had concluded that Azerbaijan had made meaningful progress in implementing the 2016 EITI Standard, but that it had not made satisfactory progress on civil society engagement. Accordingly, it set some corrective actions. The Board agreed that whilst progress had been made on these actions, they had not yet been fully completed (see analysis).   

The Board commended the government for its plans to mainstream transparency in government systems. Azerbaijan’s efforts on project-level reporting were also highlighted as the Board decided the next steps for project level reporting in the EITI. The Board’s decision is here.