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Colombia to apply for EITI candidature early 2014

Colombia to apply for EITI candidature early 2014

At the EITI Global Conference, Colombia's Vice Minister of Mines Natalia Gutierrez announced that the government is determined "to submit an application during the first semester of 2014".

According to Gutierrez, the government wants to implement the EITI Standard to ensure “private, public and civil responsibility" in the country. She said that improving transparency in Colombia's extractives is part of her government’s efforts to ensure good governance of the expanding  sector and improving collection of royalties and taxes.

Earlier in May, the Minister of Mining and Energy Federico Renjifo said: “I take this opportunity to invite industry organizations and companies to join, support and participate in this process that will allow us to communicate the contribution that this industry makes to the country’s economy.”

These announcements followed Colombia’s commitment to the EITI as part of its action plan for the Open Government Partnership.

For more information about EITI in Colombia, please contact Francisco Paris, Regional Director at the EITI International Secretariat.