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Introducing the EITI Code of Conduct

Introducing the EITI Code of Conduct

The EITI Association Code of Conduct defines what is expected by Board members and other EITI office holders, and was adopted by the EITI Board in March 2014.

The Code sets out the kind of conduct expected of those involved with the EITI. It for example urges EITI office holders to avoid conflicts of private interests. 

The Code of Conduct is a norm, and while not directly legally binding, persons accepting to fulfill EITI related duties commit to abide by the EITI Code of Conduct.

The EITI International Secretariat is engaging in efforts to ensure that all EITI stakeholders are aware of the Code of Conduct. It is publically available on the EITI website, and will be published in future copies of the EITI Standard and translated into a number of different languages. 

The EITI Code of Conduct