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Mongolia publishes 2009 EITI Report

In June 2011 Mongolia published its fourth EITI Report covering payments and revenues from its oil and mining sectors in 2009. According to the report, the government of Mongolia received US$ 516 mn in taxes and other payments from extractive companies. The mining sector accounts for 96 % of these revenues. The difference between the amount which the government confirms to have received and the amount which the companies declare to have paid is approximately US$ 40 000 for the year 2009. 

The Mongolia multi-stakeholder working group has agreed that any extractive company making payments in excess of US$ 35 000 is required to participate in the reporting process. 101 companies disclosed their payments in the 2009 report. Extractive companies in Mongolia make significant payments to central government as well as to provincial and district authorities. The revenue streams  to subnational government entities have been included in the 2009 report with 21 provinces and 120 districts disclosing revenues.

Mongolia has made extensive efforts to incorporate social payments and donations into the EITI reporting process. The 2009 report contains detailed information on social payments by extractive companies to government entities, organisations and community development projects at central, regional and local levels. The report also includes payments for environmental protection.

Mongolia is a large producer of coal, copper, iron ore, gold and other minerals. Mining represents approximately 85 % of the country’s total export revenue. 

For further information, please visit Mongolia's EITI website, watch the story from Mongolia featured in the EITI Video or contact EITI Regional Director Sam Bartlett at the EITI International Secretariat.