[img_assist|nid=258|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=120|height=150]2007 has in many ways been a seminal year for EITI. 2007 saw the EITI transfer its secretariat from being hosted by the British Government to Oslo, transforming EITI to a truly independent multi-stakeholder governance standard. At the Conference in Oslo in October 2006, the EITI International Board was constituted and marked the end of the initial design, pilot and test phase of the EITI. Now, one year on,

Peter Eigen, founder of Transparency International and Chairman of the EITI, received the prestigious Gustav-Heinemann Citizen Award 2007 of the German Social Democratic Party on 17 December 2007. The award is given yearly to individuals or organisations that have made significant contributions towards a free and just society.

In his speech, former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, praised Eigen’s anti-corruption work and referred to him as a “global citizen” who served the world.

News about the now 15 EITI Candidate countries, EITI Validation and the launch of the EITI International Secretariat.

Board meeting in Oslo: 15 countries are now EITI Candidate Countries Progress on the indeterminate countries  Validation Update News Updates EITI Chairman and Indonesian President meet in Jakarta EITI Chairman successfully pushes EITI agenda at the Club of Madrid  Launch of EITI Secretariat New EITI website launches

Asia Times, 20 November 2007, Andrew Symon:Not enough oil troubles Cambodia's waters

Now, apparently to subdue its critics, the [Cambodian] government says it might join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a recently established international mechanism with a secretariat in Oslo, Norway, which brings governments and companies together to promote good governance over natural resource-generated revenues.