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The EITI is the global Standard to promote the open and accountable management of extractive resources. 

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is the global standard to promote the open and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources.

The Standard seeks to address the key governance issues of the oil, gas and mining sectors. 

The EITI Standard requires information along the extractive industry value chain from the point of extraction, to how the revenue makes its way through the government, to how it benefits the public. This includes how licenses and contracts are allocated and registered, who are the beneficial owners of those operations, what are the fiscal and legal arrangements, how much is produced, how much is paid, where are those revenues allocated, and what is the contribution to the economy, including employment. Discover how we are addressing these issues with our countries:

Aim of the EITI

The EITI seeks to strengthen government and company systems, inform public debate and promote understanding.

In each of the implementing countries, the EITI is supported by a coalition of government, companies, and civil society.

The Standard is upheld by the international EITI Board.

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Strengthening governance along the value chain

The EITI Standard requires countries and companies to disclose information on the key steps in the governance of oil, gas and mining revenues:

Implementing countries

Countries who want to improve the way they manage their natural resources can apply to become an implementing country. In order to achieve satisfactory progress on implementing the Standard, they need to meet requirements on transparency and accountability.

Key facts

Key facts

  • 51
    implementing countries
  • 2.4
    trillion USD revenues disclosed in EITI Reports (estimates from 394 fiscal years)
  • 394
    fiscal years covered in EITI Reports


The EITI is supported by a wide range of stakeholders, some of which support us financially. 

How we are governed

The EITI is governed by the international EITI Board. It takes decisions on the status of countries based on the EITI Standard and also develops policy.

International Secretariat

The International Secretariat of the EITI supports countries in implementing the EITI Standard. It is located in Oslo, Norway.

The Secretariat further serves the Board. It is responsible for this website. You can contact us via secretariat@eiti.org

Further information

We have a wide range of resources on this website about our organisation. Here a couple of pointers