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Governance Structure

The EITI holds a Global Conference at least every three years, bringing together all stakeholders of the EITI. During these conferences, a smaller Members' Meeting with the three constituency groups - countries (implementing and supporting), companies (including institutional investors) and civil society organisations - takes place. The main task of the Members' Meeting is to appoint an EITI Board for the next three years. Please find in the attachments below the constituency guidelines and nominations process from the constituencies for the EITI board. According to the EITI standard each constituency has the right and responsibility to organise its own nominations processes.  Hence by posting these guidelines, it does not signify a specific endorsement from the EITI Secretariat.  If you face difficulties with the nominations process, the EITI standard prescribes that in first instance the constituency resolves these issues amongst themselves and if a satisfactory solution cannot be found a complaint needs to be submitted to the EITI Secretariat who will investigate.

The invitation to the Members Meeting in Lima 23-24 Feburary 2016 can be found here

A list of the members of the EITI Association can be found here.

If a constituency whishes to appoint new members or change any of its members or anyone has questions relating to membership, please contact Leah Krogsund (lkrogsund@eiti.org).

Between the global conferences, the EITI Board oversees the Initiative. The Board has 20 members, with the different constituencies being entitled to representation. The Chair is currently the Rt. Hon. Clare Short. All implementing and supporting countries are entitled to be members of the EITI Association. It is up to the respective constituencies to agree among themselves their membership of the Association and who they wish to nominate to the Board.

EITI's governance structure is codified in the Articles of Association for the EITI Association. The EITI Association operates under Norwegian law as a non-profit organisation, which includes the EITI International Secretariat.

The EITI Board adopted the Code of Conduct in March 2014. This Code of Conduct applies to all EITI Board members, their alternates, Members of the EITI Association, secretariat staff (national and international), and members of multi-stakeholder groups.

The international community provides support of EITI implementation both bilaterally and through the EITI Multi-Donor Trust Fund managed by the World Bank. The Secretariat is funded by supporting governments and supporting companies. Implementing country governments, pay for the implementation of their EITI process.