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The Board decided that Liberia’s temporary suspension is reaffirmed.

Decision on Liberia's suspension

Decision reference
2019-42 / BC-276
Decision basis
2016 EITI Standard, Requirement 1 - Oversight by the multi-stakeholder group

The Board expressed its concern about the weakening of government engagement and MSG oversight in Liberia. Following a review in accordance with Requirement 8.6, the Board found that Liberia has made inadequate progress in implementing requirements related to government engagement (1.1), the multi-stakeholder group (1.4) and the work plan (1.5). Progress in implementing Requirement 1.3 on civil society engagement and Requirement 1.2 on company engagement is considered meaningful.

All constituencies were encouraged to fully and actively engage in revitalising the process. The Board encouraged all levels of government to demonstrate commitment to EITI implementation. The MSG should be constituted of self-appointed representatives of each constituency and be able to effectively exercise its oversight role. The government was expected to treat stakeholders as equal partners in EITI implementation and to ensure adequate support to the MSG to enable the timely publication of key documents, such as EITI Reports, work plans and annual progress reports.

The Board acknowledges that there continues to be support for EITI implementation from stakeholders across constituencies. Restoring effective EITI implementation would help Liberia ensure benefits from the expanding extractive sector. The Board and the International Secretariat stand ready to support Liberia in efforts to revitalise EITI implementation and build the capacity of stakeholders.

In accordance with Requirement 8.6, Liberia’s temporary suspension is reaffirmed. In addition to the existing corrective action regarding timely reporting, the Board agrees corrective actions relating to requirements 1.1-1.5. The Board agreed to review progress in addressing these corrective actions on 31 December 2019.

If the government and MSG are able to make rapid progress in addressing these corrective actions, the Board would welcome a request from the MSG to undertake this assessment sooner.

If the Board determines that Liberia has demonstrated considerable progress in addressing these corrective actions, the Board will consider whether to lift the suspension and whether Liberia’s second Validation should commence immediately. Failure to demonstrate considerable progress in addressing the corrective actions will lead to Liberia being delisted.