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Board decision on the Candidature of Equatorial Guinea

Decision reference
2020-10 / BM-46

On 14 February 2020, the EITI Board came to the following decision on Equatorial Guinea’s Candidature application: 

The EITI Board welcomed the application from Equatorial Guinea to implement the EITI. The Board recognised the government’s commitment and the progress made to establish a working group and prepare a work plan for the implementation of the EITI. However, the Board concluded that the application submitted on 6 November 2019 did not provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate commitment to the EITI’s five sign up requirements. The Board highlighted the importance of the engagement of civil society and adherence to the EITI’s civil society protocol. It tasked the International Secretariat with providing support to Equatorial Guinea in meeting requirements 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 of the EITI Standard.

The Board requested that the International Secretariat undertake a mission to Equatorial Guinea to collect additional information and stakeholder views on the completeness of the EITI process and to prepare an updated assessment for consideration by the Board. It encouraged the active involvement of local and international civil society organisations, supporting companies and donors in successful EITI candidature. The Board agreed to review the application at its next meeting in June.

Equatorial Guinea