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The Board agreed the outline for a new Validation model.

Decision on the EITI Validation model

Decision reference
2020-83 / BM-48
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2019-2021, Article 12.1. ix)

The Board agreed on the outline for a revised Validation model and on the related transitional arrangements, with the clarification that the scoring procedure would be further discussed and agreed in the revised Validation Guide. In addition, the details of the mechanisms for engaging an external expert will be further clarified in the Validation procedure. The Board mandated the Validation Committee to finalise a revised Validation Guide and Validation procedure for Board approval by circular by the end of 2020. The Board mandated the Validation Committee, in consultation with other Board Committees, to develop edits to Sections 4 and 5 of the 2019 EITI Standard for Board approval at its next meeting, Validations under the new model will commence 1 April 2021.