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Bauxite transportation in Guinea

EITI Forum on domestic resource mobilisation for Francophone Africa

How can the EITI help maximise the revenue of a country?

Workshop on how EITI implementation can support domestic resource mobilisation in Francophone Africa

  • 13:00 – 16:00 CEST
  • 30 May 2022
  • Online

Registration: Closed

Recording: Watch the recording

Language: French


The International Secretariat facilitated a workshop on domestic resource mobilisation (DRM) in the Francophone Africa region. DRM is critical for supporting national development and public expenditure priorities, especially under conditions of economic crisis and commodity price volatility.

This workshop responded to the strong demand for understanding of this theme by facilitating peer-learning across the region and discussing how EITI implementation can contribute to strengthening DRM by bringing greater transparency across the extractive sector value chain. The workshop aimed to share ideas on how each of the following EITI themes can contribute to maximising the revenue of a country:

  • Financial modelling of rent sharing
  • Digitisation at the service of the mobilisation of domestic resources
  • Identifying risks and opportunities of the energy transition related to extractive and renewable revenues
  • Capturing the economic potential of artisanal mining
  • Monitoring of social and environmental expenditure
  • Monitoring the allocation of extractive revenues
  • Using and analysing contracts

DRM is also one of the six priorities defined by the EITI Board and is a major preoccupation in the Francophone Africa region.


The objectives of this session included: 

  • To raise awareness around the opportunities for including DRM in the EITI process.
  • To explore project ideas related to DRC for EITI multi-stakeholder groups to implement in their work plans and EITI reporting.
  • To provide guidance to stakeholders in the Francophone Africa region on how to advance one of the EITI's six shifts in view of the upcoming EITI Global Conference in 2023.