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Photo of Daniel Mulé

Daniel Mulé

Policy Lead, Extractive Industries Tax and Transparency, Oxfam America

Daniel is Oxfam’s Policy Lead for Extractive Industries Tax and Transparency, based in Washington, DC. Trained as a lawyer in the US and UK, his work focuses on fiscal reforms, corporate tax practices, transparency, anticorruption, and energy transition issues in the oil, gas, and mining sectors. Daniel leads Oxfam’s shareholder advocacy work in support of tax transparency and he supports Oxfam’s programmatic work on transparency, fiscal justice and beneficiation issues across Oxfam’s 30-country Extractive Industries Global Program. He is a co-author of recent Oxfam publications including Potential Corporate Tax Avoidance in Zambia’s Mining Sector? and Examining the crude details: Government audits of oil and gas project costs to maximize revenue collection. Prior to joining Oxfam, Daniel led The Carter Center’s Extractive Industries Governance Program in the Democratic Republic of Congo and shepherded the development of its revenue analysis portfolio, which included advocacy to protect the tax base and improve governance of state-owned companies, as well as civil society capacity-building on fiscal issues.