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60 seconds with Royal Dutch Shell

60 seconds with Royal Dutch Shell

Jessica Uhl, Chief Financial Officer at Royal Dutch Shell, talks about the importance of tax transparency in the sidelines of the 2019 EITI Global Conference. 


Revenue transparency and support for EITI in particular is so important because of the role that oil and gas companies play in society and its important for society to understand the benefits that come from the industry by having transparency on all payments that are made to governments. 

We have […] supported EITI since its founding in 2003 and Royal Dutch Shell was one of the first companies to provide greater transparency on our taxes starting in 2012 and of course in 2016 with the revenue transparency laws that came into play and we were at the forefront at complying with those laws. 

Most recently in 2018 we bought support to the B Team principles on responsible tax - this is just to give you an indication of how I personally think it’s very important and Shell thinks its very important for society to understand the role that business plays more widely and importantly the tax contributions that are made, particularly in relation to natural resources. 

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