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The Board accepted Norway’s mainstreaming request and adapted implementation request.

Decision on Norway’s mainstreaming and adapted implementation request

Decision reference
2017-49 / BM-38
Decision basis
2016 EITI Standard, Requirement 8.1 - Adapted implementation request

After thorough deliberations, the Board accepted Norway’s request for adapted implementation with respect to Requirements in the EITI Standard and Phase 6 in the Agreed upon procedure for mainstreamed disclosure (Requirement 4.9(c)). The EITI Standard allows foradapted implementation “where the country faces exceptional circumstances that necessitate deviation from the implementation requirements” (Requirement 8.1). In taking this decision, the EITI Board notes that Norway is in an exceptional situation compared to many other resource-rich countries in that there is already a well-functioning data portal providing comprehensive information about the sector, and a natural resource governance model built on multi-stakeholder principles.

The EITI Standard enables mainstreaming disclosures “where the assessment [of data quality assurance]concludes that there is (i) routine disclosure of the data required by the EITI Standard in requisite detail, and (ii) that the financial data is subject to credible, independent audit, applying international standards” (Requirement 4.9c). In considering Norway’s mainstreaming application, the EITI Board recognised that the mainstreaming application and adapted implementation requests appear technically sound. However, the agreed upon procedure for mainstreamed disclosures requires that such applications be endorsed by the multi-stakeholder group. The EITI Board noted that the mainstreaming application does not have the support of civil society representatives. It was decided that Norway can proceed with mainstreaming. It is the responsibility of the Norwegian government in cooperation with local stakeholders to agree an approach to data assurance of company disclosures as per the EITI Requirements.

The Board emphasised that neither the application for mainstreaming disclosure nor the adapted implementation request alter the EITI’s disclosure or stakeholder engagement requirements. The provisions in Requirement 8 on compliance and deadlines for implementing countries also remain unaffected by this decision. Adherence to mainstreamed implementation and the effectiveness of the adaptations, including the approach to data assurance, will be assessed during the next Validation.