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Tanzania enacts EITI legislation

New law to anchor transparency in extractives sector.

Strengthening transparency

The new law ensures that EITI implementation continues over the next years regardless of changes in government.

The legislation recognises the role of a multi-stakeholder group (MSG) to lead EITI implementation in the Tanzania. The MSG is to be composed of five representatives each from the government, extractive companies and civil society. A Chairperson, appointed by the President, will head the multi-stakeholder group.

 To ensure compliance with the EITI Requirements on timely reporting, the legislation requires companies engaged in the exploitation or extraction of oil and mineral resources and relevant government agencies to provide timely and accurate information to the Tanzania Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (TEITI)’s yearly publication. Until now disclosure could not be enforced.

The legislation further demands that all new concessions, contracts and licenses, as well as the individual names and shareholders who own interests in companies, are made available to the public.

The law includes penalties for individuals or institutions that fail to provide or provide false information to TEITI upon request. It also promotes citizens’ participation and awareness of activities in the extractive sectors and their contribution to development.

What others are doing?

Tanzania joins a list of countries that have enacted dedicated EITI legislation, including Liberia, Nigeria and Ukraine. A number of implementing countries, mostly francophone, have adopted presidential or ministerial decrees for the EITI. In Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Mali, Niger, and Peru EITI decrees establish the structures responsible for implementation, and their mandate, functioning and composition.

Here is the link to the legislation in Tanzania: [forthcoming]

You can find out more about other countries’ EITI laws under the section “EITI Governance” of the respective country pages. To find out more about the EITI in Tanzania, visit the country page on or Tanzania’s EITI website