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Afghanistan Afghanistan

EITI Status

EITI Status: 
Candidate country

Candidate since

Candidate since: 
10 February 2010

Extractive Industries

Afghanistan has extensive mineral deposits and potential for oil and gas production. Due to conflict, political instability and inadequate infrastructure, the extractive industries are relatively under-developed. In recent years, the country has seen increasing investor interest in exploration and development. 

The Afghanistan Geological Survey identified six major metals and minerals opportunities in the country – copper, iron-ore, rare-earth metals, gold, gemstones and marble. Deposits have been estimated to be worth over US $ 1 trillion.

Most gemstone mining is artisanal. Operations are small-scale and output is supplied mainly to local and regional markets. 

Globally significant deposits include the copper deposit in Aynak, Logar province and iron-ore in Hajigak, Bamyam province. Consortiums of Chinese and Indian companies have signed contracts to develop these mines.

Developing transport infrastructure that would link deposits to global markets remains a challenge. Governance challenges, as well as the security situation, pose additional hindrance to the development of the sector. 

EITI Reporting

The country produces EITI Reports that disclose revenues from the extraction of its natural resources. Companies disclose what they have paid in taxes and other payments and the government discloses what it has received. These two sets of figures are compared and reconciled.
Afghanistan requested an extension for the publication of the fourth EITI Report covering the Solar Hejri calendar year 1391 (21 March 2012 – 20 March 2013) due on 20 March 2015. An extension until 20 December 2015 has been granted by the Board.

EITI Implementation

The multi-stakeholder group has submitted an extension request for their fourth report. The extension is currently being reviewed by the EITI Board.

With the launch on 16 September 2014 of the EITI report covering Solar Hejri year 1390, i.e. 20 March 2011-21 March 2012, Afghanistan EITI's work is currently geared towards transitioning to the EITI Standard. A three-year workplan has been developed with assistance from the German GIZ and is available on AEITI's website.

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With the expected increase of revenues, it is significant that the government has committed to publish all mining, oil and gas contracts. Over 200 contracts have been published, including the Amu Darya oil, the Qara Zaghan gold and the West Garmak coal contracts.

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National Coordinator

National Coordinator
Afghanistan EITI
+93 799327092

International Secretariat

Policy and Regional Director
EITI International Secretariat
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Facts & Figures

Latest Eiti Report: 2011 Report
Deadline for next Eiti report: Friday, 20 March 2015
Number of fiscal years published: 4

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