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Afghanistan is delisted as an EITI country

Board decision on Afghanistan's status as an EITI implementing country.

Decision reference
2024-31 / BM-60
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2023, Article 12

Board decision

The EITI Board agreed that Afghanistan be delisted as an EITI country in accordance with Article 8 and Article 9 of the 2023 EITI Standard (EITI Board Oversight and Implementation) effective 19 June 2024.

This decision is made in light of a two-year temporary suspension following breaches of the civil society protocol stemming from political instability and conflict in Afghanistan. Non-observance of the rule of law has resulted in continued deterioration of civic space, dissolution of the Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) and the inability to publish EITI Reports in the last two years. The Board assesses that these circumstances prevent the continuation of EITI implementation.

Pursuant to paragraph 3 of Article 9, Afghanistan may reapply for admission as an EITI implementing country if conditions improve. The EITI Board will apply the agreed procedures with respect to assessing EITI candidature applications. It will also assess previous experience in EITI implementation, including previous barriers to effective implementation, and the implementation of corrective measures.