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The Board agrees revisions to the EITI's KPIs

The proposed revisions include a simplification and reduction of EITI KPIs from 92 to 48 indicators.

Decision reference
2023-17 / BC-334
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2019-2021, Article 12

Board decision

The Board agrees these revised key performance indicators (KPIs). It further agreed that:

  • The International Secretariat will implement the proposed KPIs as part of the 2023 work planning cycle, by setting targets for the KPIs, as proposed in the paper, in the 2023 work plan, monitoring progress on those targets throughout the year, and reporting on the 2023 KPIs to the Board together with financial reporting for 2023;
  • The International Secretariat will amend and adapt these KPIs as appropriate in response to issues of data accessibility, data reliability, or cost of implementation identified during their implementation. The Secretariat will inform the Board via Governance and Oversight Committee of any significant changes made in this regard.
  • The Governance and Oversight Committee will review experiences with the adapted KPIs following reporting for 2023, including consideration of opportunities for further revisions in order to maximize their utility and alignment with changes to the EITI Standard.