Publication Type: 
Guidance note
Published Date: 
May, 2015

Guidance note 19 on publishing EITI data

Guidance note 19 - Requirements 5.3.b, 6.2.c and 6.2.d (2013 Standard) / Requirement 7.2 (2016 Standard)

Please note that this guidance refers to the 2013 Standard. In most cases, the requirements remain the same and the guidance valid. An updated version reflecting the 2016 Standard will follow soon.

A core product of the EITI process in implementing countries is an annual EITI Report, containing figures as well as narrative text (“data”) on the country’s extractives industries. The 2016 EITI Standard includes several requirements to promote open data (see also: the EITI's open data policy).

In addition, implementing countries are also required to publish summary data in accordance with the Summary Data Template.