Notre financement est transparent (voir fichier excel, page 2).

L’ITIE est une coalition multipartite composée de gouvernements, d’entreprises, d’investisseurs, d’organisations de la société civile et d’autres organisations partenaires. Un Groupe multipartite supervise le processus ITIE dans les pays mettant en œuvre l’ITIE ainsi qu’au niveau international par l’intermédiaire du Conseil d’administration de l’ITIE.

Financial contributions of supporters

Companies, implementing countries and some supporting countries support the EITI financially: 

  • To be considered a supporting company, a company has to make a minimum contribution.  The oil and gas sub-constituency is required to contribute depending on market capitalisation USD 20,000 (MC<USD 5bn), USD 40,000 (MC: USD 5bn-USD 10bn) and USD 60,000 (MC>USD 10bn), and the recommendation for the mining companies is the same. Mining companies must contribute at least USD 15,000.  All companies are encouraged to make greater contributions.
  • Following consultations in 2016, the constituency of implementing countries jointly proposed that each implementing country contribute an annual amount of USD 10,000 to the activities of the EITI International Management from 2017. This proposal was agreed by EITI Board in 2017. Contributions from implementing countries help support the costs of validation which are estimated to be around USD 70,000 per country. In 2017, funding was received from Chad, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, Timor Leste (USD 25,000) and Togo
  • Supporting countries contribute financially, technically and politically. For a list of financial contributions in 2016, please see here.