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Countries implementing the EITI Standard publish EITI Reports that disclose the revenues and other information from extraction of the country's natural resources. Companies report payments to government (taxes, royalties, etc) and the government reports what it has received. These two sets of figures are compiled and reconciled by an independent administrator and published in the EITI Report, together with other information.
Together with the report, each country submits a set of summary data, which can be found here: eiti.org/summary-data

Disclaimer: You are advised to consult the original reports for detailed information. Where figures are not available in US dollars, the annual average exchange rate is used. Should you have any comments please contact the EITI Secretariat.

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We have uploaded all summary data files we have of our member countries. These are stored on a google drive. The files are in Microsoft Excel format. 

Data Facts

  • 52
    countries have published their extractives data (includes Gabon, which is no longer an EITI country)
  • 298
    fiscal years of extractives data
  • 1.99
    trillion USD, government revenues disclosed in open data formats