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2023 EITI Global Conference

Dakar, Senegal
13–14 June
Hosted by the Government of Senegal at the Centre International de Conférences Abdou Diouf, Diamniadio

The EITI’s flagship Global Conference will gather more than 1,000 stakeholders to take stock of progress in publishing and using open data to inform decision-making, analysis and public debate on accountable natural resource management. Marking the EITI’s 20th anniversary, the conference will celebrate achievements in natural resource transparency and multi-stakeholder dialogue, while also looking to the future to consider how the EITI should adapt to a changing energy landscape and growing demand for an open and accountable resource sector.    

We invite stakeholders from across the globe to join us in forging a collective and inclusive vision for transparency for the next decades. 

Registration is now closed. If you would still like to participate in the event, please contact our team at

Transparency in transition

The extractive and energy sectors are evolving rapidly to meet the needs of a world in transition. Shifting trends in demand are reshaping these industries, creating a volatile environment for established and emerging producers alike. Access to clean and affordable energy remains one of the most pressing priorities for governments, yet the energy transition will only be truly transformational if it also results in better energy access and economic opportunities for all. 

Founded on the belief that a country’s natural resources belong to its citizens, the EITI was established with the vision that strengthened transparency of natural resource revenues can reduce corruption, help to transform economies, and raise the living standards of citizens in resource-rich countries.  

Twenty years on, the ninth EITI Global Conference will gather stakeholders from around the world under the theme “Transparency in transition” with a view to continue to build on the gains achieved in transparency in the evolving context of the energy transition.