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2013 EITI Global Conference

Sydney, Australia, 23-24 May 2013

Beyond transparency

The 6th EITI Global Conference agreed and launched the new EITI Standard ensuring more transparency in the years ahead. It focused on how transparency and the EITI is leading to change in the 39 implementing countries. 

Media from the 2013 Conference in Sydney

Participation Infographic

Infographic showing participants at the 2013 EITI Conference

EITI National Exhibition

The 2013 EITI National Expo brought together representatives from 34 EITI implementing countries to showcase their work and achievements. They showcased the activities they are undertaking, the products that they have produced, and their efforts to inform public debate.

The EITI National Expo provided an opportunity for implementing countries to exchange best practice and lessons learned. It also provided a meeting place for supporters from government, industry, international organisations and the investment community - an opportunity to learn more about the EITI, and to explore opportunities for further collaboration.

Other EITI Stakeholders, including the World Bank, Publish What You Pay, Revenue Watch Institute, ICMM and GIZ, were also represented.

The 2013 EITI Chair's Awards

Chair of the EITI, Clare Short announced the winners of the 2013 EITI Chair's Award at the evening reception on 23 May at the EITI Global Conference in Sydney.

The EITI Awards are awarded to countries that have shown leadership, determination and resourcefulness in implementing the EITI. The three winners in 2013 were:

  1. Nigeria, for going beyond the EITI minimum standard and for making the EITI relevant and influencing policy in the country.
  2. Togo, for producing a video that captures the spirit of the EITI and how it benefits citizens.
  3. Sonny Mulenga from Zambia, for producing a video that captures the spirit of the EITI and how it benefits citizens.

See the two videos and other submissions to the EITI video competition below.

Previous winners

At the latest EITI Global Conference in Paris in 2011 three countries were awarded:

  • Mongolia for consistent improvement in reporting;
  • the Central African Republic for rapid implementation; and
  • the Kyrgyz Republic for achievement despite political instability.

At the EITI Global Conference in Doha in 2009, the following three countries won:

  • Liberia for its rapid progress;
  • Azerbaijan for being the first compliant country, and
  • Kazakhstan for its communication efforts.

Winning video entries:

See all the submissions to the competitions (national secretariats and citizens):